The best Venetz brand mosquito net solutions.Highlights: washable Mosquito Nets Soft quality Polyester network for air ventilation, tear safe and durable cross-section. Twofold draw slider, one toward the front and one in the back for simple passage and exit. Excellently marked polyester zipper and twofold force metal slider for sturdiness. Flexible lash on each of the four corners of the net to offer fundamental help and solidness. Our Mosquito net is launderable and not blended in with any synthetic substances so it is non adversely affected by skin.

Venetz brand mosquito net solutions


* Push and pull-type mosquito net is simple to use on a bunk or a story. It kills the interaction of tying and fixing. 

*This overlap capable mosquito lattice can be creased and unfurl in practically no time. 

* Push-Pull activity permits you to set the net on the bed or floor in only a couple of moments. When the net covers the bed or floor, it doesn’t consume tremendous space in the bed. 

* 9 Inch base material forestalls bugs and mosquitoes creeping under the edge of the net. Poly-cotton mosquito network texture gives you great air circulation inside the net. 

* Inbuilt steel poles guarantee soundness and shape. Steel bars are encased by PVC sleeves to give perfection to the design and to abstain from rusting.Venetz brand mosquito net solutions 

* Unique benefit of our push-pull type overlay capable mosquito net is that the construction won’t lose its ideal shape even after different collapsing activities. Our metal pole is novel and won’t misshape; this component isn’t accessible with different merchants. 

* Brand: Comfort Mosquito Net

Product Details:

  • Highly Durable last upto 10 years
  • Flame Resistent
  • Easy Machine Washable
  • Recycleable
  • Smooth Finish
  • 6 color options

Technical Details:

  • Made from Polyethylene
  • One net will last upto 10 years of time
  • Non tearable

Why use Bed Nets:

  • Peaceful Sleep
  • Immune Booster on Disturbless sleep
  • Warmth Feeling inside
  • Ideal Temperature set inside the net
  • Investing 10 paise per day for Family’s Health
  • Undisturbed Sleep improves Kids rational thinking
  • Buying a net is a priceless investment for your Elderly and KiDS Health
  • Venetz brand mosquito net solutions

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